​CCI offers a broad range of pipeline services.  From integrity and maintenance to new pipeline and facility construction, our experienced team can execute the project within budget, on schedule, and most important - SAFELY.  
Pipeline Integrity
Community Construction Inc. Specializes in ILI Tracking, Launching, Receiving, & Cleaning; Pipeline Coating, Construction, Recoats, Anomalies & Rehab; Pipe Repairs Including Armor Plate, Clock Spring, and Aqua Wrap; Welding on
In-Service Facilities Including Split Sleeves, Full and Partial Encirclement Saddles; Casing Extension; Road Pulls; Hydrostatic Testing.
Pipeline Facility
Community Construction Inc. Specializes in Construction; Interconnects; Laterals; Meter Installation; Decomissioning; Valve and Operator Installation;
Torquing/Tensioning; Generator/Air Compressor Installation; Class Changes; Pier Construction and Modifications; Building and Support Foundations; Pig Trap Modification & Fabrication.
Erosion Control
Community Construction Inc. Offers Design/Build Services for Erosion, Pipe Exposure, and Landslide Mitigation.  It Includes Utilizing GIS Technology to Provide Accurate Design Plans and As-Builts.  Our Mitigation Techniques Include Installation of Cast-in-Place Mats, Gabion Baskets, Sheet Piling,  Drain Pipes and Rip Rap. 

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